Edin Husić

Edin Husić finished his Bachelor degree on University of Primorska in 2015 and is currently a master student of mathematics on FAMNIT and a student of theoretical computing in ENS Lyon in France. Through the duration of his studies he has been participating in mathematical competitions. He's interested in algorithmic problems, graph theory, and combinatorial optimisation in general. In 2012 he participated in the Famnit summer school. "Math is Cool".



Mary Servatius

Mary Servatius finished her undergraduate degree in Management Engineering in Worcester Polytechnic Institute before moving to Slovenia to study Mathematics.  She finished her Masters degree in 2014, and worked in industry before returning to academia. She is currently studying Cryptography as a young researcher.



Safet Penjić

Safet Penjić finished his Master of Science degree at University of Sarajevo. He is PhD student, young researcher and teaching assistant at University of Primorska. Before he came to Koper, he has been teaching mathematics parallel in primary and high school (one year), and been teaching assistant at University of Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) for several years. His research focuses on algebraic graph theory and his personal web page is .




Slobodan Filipovski

Slobodan Filipovski finished his undergraduate and Master of Science degree at University of "St. Cyril and Methodius" in Skopje. Hi is currently studying Graph Theory as a young researcher at University of Primorska in Koper. In 2005 hi participated at IMO in Mexico. Hi is also interested in Number Theory, Combinatorics, and Linear Algebra.